Chapter 1-5 (31 Pages)

including Reference and Source code


This project work identifies the challenges facing police departments that seek to implement computerized crime tracking information systems. The project highlights the importance of police departments identifying crime records and then designing systems that accomplish the tasks specific to the needs of their end-users.
Data transfer, data integration, system customization, and confidentiality issues are discussed. One of the most significant shortcomings in the delivery of justice is the delay that is encountered by court users which increases the cost of litigation in both time and money, and results in pro-longed criminal trials and over-crowded prisons.
Hence the new system designed will aid police in tracking crime records and thereby facilitate timely delivery of judgment by the court. The software was implemented using Visual basic .NET and Access database.
It is recommended that the Nigerian police be adequately trained on the use of Information Technology in crime tracking. Computer literacy program should be organized for the Nigerian police. This can be carried out set by set. At the end of the training, it is recommended that the crime tracking system be deployed to every police station for recording crime information.