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 Fingerprint biometric authentication is any means by which a person can be uniquely identified by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits. The rapid growth of online
examination using interest-based tools in lieu with increasing reliance on technology and other
shared resources has revolutionized the way authentication is being initiated and carried out in
this information age.

The unprecedented growth in electronic examination (e-exams) has underlined the need for more secure, faster and more suitable method for user’s verification than
passwords can provide. Despite, the numerous advantages of biometric system and its impact on
various sectors across the globe, most users still face the issue of defining the right and accurate
biometrics technology system in solving particular problems.The developed system was designed by creating following modules. Welcome page, Login page, Main page, Student registration page, Fingerprint authentication page and Electronic examination page.

The evaluation of the performance of the developed system was carried out by administering questionnaires on forty users after which the completed copies were collected and used result analysis. The result of the evaluation of the developed system showed that 75 out 80 users agreed that the system is easily accessible. Also 78 out of 80 users agreed that the system is highly efficient. It is therefore concluded from the result of the evaluation of the developed system that a fingerprint biometric authentication technique for electronic examination that is capable of providing a user friendly and accessible has been developed.

The system uses a finger prints biometrics this would help ensure that only registered student during registration with their finger prints are allowed into the examination hall. The system would contribute in the area of stopping any activity of corruption in the educational sector among students, and student to teachers.