Chapter 1- 5 (38 Pages)

Including Reference and Source Code


Health is essential for everyone. Health cannot be bought by anything. Health is important no matter what country we are from or what race we are, or what age or gender we are. Some important details like the patient’s allergy and medical history will be overlooked by the doctors when they diagnosing.
The new system developed known as Web Based Online Medical Diagnosis System . This system has the features for users to do diagnosis for the health problem and also the system will provide some health monitoring and tips for the user to follow
The procedure for diagnosing also consume a big amount of time although the patients comes with a minor problem that they can settle it by themselves if they have the right help.
This project work discusses about the Web Based Online Medical Diagnosis system. The computer system facilitates fact and accurate information retrieval which may help to reduce the problem of manual work though of voluminous medical text books. There is also the prospect of standardize and high intelligent differential diagnosis and therapy procedure. Furthermore, the system is intended to play an important role in the self education of medical diagnosis and therapy by the physician and clinical students.
This research work is therefore recommended to approved health institutions such as: hospitals, primary health centers, medical laboratories etc to further enhance diagnostic processes by clinicians hereby guaranteeing efficiency in drug or therapy prescription and ultimately ensuring effective treatment.