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Safety alarms are electronic alarms designed to alert the users of a specific danger. Sensors are connected to control unit via-voltage wiring or a narrowband radio frequency (RF) signal which is used to interact with a response device. The importance of home security has greatly increased in recent years. Many houses are burgled mainly by means of illegal entry by force, such as breaking a window or slashing a screen or by entering through an unlock door or an open window.

In this system a relay and magnet installed at entry point to precedence produce a signal through a public telecom network and sends a message or redirect a call that tells about your home update or predefined message which is embedded in microcontroller. Suspected activities are conveyed to remote user through SMS or Call using GSM technology.

The problem associated with the existing alarm system via a mobile text message is to keep home safe from intruder. Home security system is needed for convenience and safety.  The system also features two different forms of activation/deactivation and automatically opens or closes the door for the user. In this work, the researcher presents the design and implementation of a GSM based wireless home security system which takes a very less power. The system is a wireless home network which contains a GSM modem and magnet with relay which are door security nodes. The system can response rapidly as intruder detects and GSM module give alert to home owner. This security system for alerting a house owner wherever he/she is.

The result of this research work show that alarm security is Protects valuables,

Deters crime, Notifies you of fire or gas problems and Makes room for peace of mind.