Chapter 1-5 with analysis and Questionaire (53 pages)



The research study examined the “Effect of Television Advertisement on Children in Nigeria (Case Study of Indomie Noodles Television Advertisement among Children within the  age range of age 10-13 in Ilesa, Osun State)”. Advertisement is being used by different businesses and companies to good advantages to compete in the current competition encountered in world and local markets. It is well known fact that advertisement sells more than product and services because it sets image, value, goods and concepts of business organizations to shapes the attitudes and behaviors of the consumers. In this study Hierarchy of effect model and psychodynamic theory was used. The study adopted survey method of research whereby questionnaire was used as research instrument. Total copies of 150 questionnaire was administered among the respondents (young children within age 10-13) in Ilesa Town, total copies of 140 questionnaire was recovered and was inlayed in chapter four of the study. The study concludes that age of the young children in urban cities determine their exposure to various advertisement through any medium of advertising. Also, television viewing among underage children in Urban cities (Ilesa) because of their family background varies. The findings therefore recommends among other that Parents should always monitor their children on what they view on Television, what they hear on radio and what they read to prevent them from being affected negatively by the advertisers. Parents should limit their spending unnecessary on their children demands and Government should regulate and always monitor misleading advertisements broadcast on television, radio or billboard.