The Role Of Mass Media In Educational Development In Nigeria


Chapter 1-5 with references, Questionaire and Analysis (47pages).



1.0                                                         INTRODUCTION

Mass media has assumed a very important position in the educational development in Nigeria.  This accounts for the introduction of the universal free primary Education-UPE in 1996 and the establishment of new primary, secondary and post secondary school over the country.

The word-Education could be defined in various ways.  In a very broad sense, education could be defined to include every agency which enables an individual to master his physical and social environment of which he is a member, it could be defined as an act of teaching, bringing up, instructing or enlightening.

For the purpose of this study, education will be defined as an organized and formal instruction which is given in educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities. Education has an important role to play in the economy of a nation.  The most important economic function of education is that of ensuring that the nation’s need for a labor force is satisfied.  Nigeria-a modern industrializing society-news, not just a great deal of man-power, but good quality manpower, the quality and quantity manpower to a large extent controlled by the educational system. Education also has a political role to play in the Nigeria society.The stability of any autonomous political unit depends upon two criteria consensus of opinion. About the assumption underlying.  The system, and the ability of the system to provide leaders from within itself in both cases, education has an important role to play.

However, formal education in Nigeria is no longer confined to educational establishment only.  The mass media have, in recent times, taken a bold and positive step towards enhancing educational development in the country.  An example is the Enugu Television station (ETV) University of the Air.

Mass media-Communication comprises the institutions and technique by which specialized groups employ technological devices, that is the press, Television, Radio, Films, threat disseminate information to large heterogeneous and widely dispersed audience.

This study is particularly concerned with Television and its contribution to educational advancement in the country.